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Mysterium - An Electric Soundpainting Septet

by Eric John Eigner

Eric John Eigner - Drumset

James Ilgenfritz - Electric Bass

Adam Caine - Electric Guitar

Sam Kulik - Trombone

Jeremy Danneman - Alto Sax

Lorenzo Sanguegolce - Tenor Sax

Evan Mazunik - Soundpainter

* Cover photo: Eric John Eigner

   Design: Howard Forbes

© Eavesdrop Records, 2009




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Mysterium - for Quintet Album Cover.jpg

Mysterium - for Quintet

by Eric John Eigner


Steve Swell - Trombone, Hammond Organ

Daniel Carter - Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Alto, Tenor

Gil Selinger - Cello, Electric Cello, Hammond Organ

Terence Murren - Contra-Bass, Electric Bass

Eric John Eigner - Drumset, Table-top Percussion, Clarinet

* Cover Painting: Eric John Eigner

   Design: Walter Kitundu

© Eavesdrop Records, 2006

* This recording is a 2 CD set.

As disc two is one track, 50:39 in length, it is too long to post here and as a result is only available in CD format.




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Mysterium - for Trio CD Cover.jpg

Mysterium - For Trio

by Eric John Eigner

Daniel Carter - Tenor, Alto, Trumpet, Flute

Morgan Craft - Stunt Guitar

Eric John Eigner - Extended Drumset, Clarinet

* Cover Photo: Eric John Eigner

   Design: Dona Yim, Felix Olivieri

© Eavesdrop Records, 2004




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